Upper Spring Creek Landcare Group and Mid Loddon CMN

Community caring for our environment

10 December, 2014
by wp possum

Celebrating 20 years of Landcare

Last night about 40 past and present ¬†Landcare members and supporters gathered together to celebrate 20 years of Landcare in¬†Upper Spring Creek. We were treated to a puppet show from the McGlashan Road Puppeteers highlighting the need to protect biodiversity. … Continue reading

Prickly Weed Control

6 August, 2013 by wp possum | 0 comments

Pin Wheel Cactus Control

Prickly pest killer

Blasting Opuntia Robustia

Pin Wheel Cactus (opuntia Robusta) is a noxious weed in Victoria. Native to Mexico, it will grow from a tiny remnant. Birds love the fruit so they are efficient seed carriers and droppers! There are a number of infestations in our area — particularly around Maldon and Nuggetty but creeping up towards Lockwood. We have spotted large plants along the road so Tony borrowed a weapon from Nuggetty Landcare who generously taught him how to kill the plants. Here is Tony on patrol! Hopefully he has been able to make a dent in the problem.