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10 December, 2014
by wp possum

Celebrating 20 years of Landcare

Last night about 40 past and present  Landcare members and supporters gathered together to celebrate 20 years of Landcare in Upper Spring Creek. We were treated to a puppet show from the McGlashan Road Puppeteers highlighting the need to protect biodiversity. … Continue reading

Water flowing at last

6 September, 2013 by wp possum | 0 comments

Local people might be interested to see the sudden presence of water in Bullock Creek after about 6 months of being “bone dry”.  The first photo was taken in August this year and then just 4 weeks later the second photo  was taken at the same point.  This particular place is where Bullock Creek flows under the Alternate Calder Highway just south of the Maldon road turnoff.

Aug 2013 bone dry creek September 2013  water in creek

The photos are part of the Waterwatch creek sampling survey which I have been a part of for the past year or so.  Members of the USC Landcare Group have been volunteering in these roles for many years and the information gained is vital to the long term knowledge of water quality in local creeks and rivers that is being compiled by the NCCMA (North Central Catchment Management Authority).

Posted by F Steele