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10 December, 2014
by wp possum

Celebrating 20 years of Landcare

Last night about 40 past and present  Landcare members and supporters gathered together to celebrate 20 years of Landcare in Upper Spring Creek. We were treated to a puppet show from the McGlashan Road Puppeteers highlighting the need to protect biodiversity. … Continue reading

7 October, 2014
by wp possum

Spring walk

Landcare members wander amongst the flowers This weekend, about ten of us walked around Karen and Tony’s covenanted property to see what is in bloom, say hello to the wallaby and generally enjoy being in nature. Among the flowers we … Continue reading

Nest Box Tail

19 November, 2013 by wp possum | 0 comments

The value of installing nest boxes

USC Landcare members Jenny and Frank know how important good habitat is for birds and small mammals. Here is a recent story from them:

possum and baby 1

This is a bit precarious!

peeping out of new nest box

Hey Mum, check this out!

Perhaps people might be interested to see what happened at our place with some recently installed nest boxes. We have been having some “issues” with a brushtail possum living on the main roof beam of our fernery.  She’s recently given birth to a baby, but she occasionally literally “falls asleep” on the job and crashes to floor of the fernery, so we decided to install a nest box to see if that would offer improved living conditions.  The baby was the first to check out the new box and apparently thought that it was OK, so called out to Mum to have a look for herself.  Mum climbed down, not very elegantly, and gave the new box a cursory look through but decided that it was a bit of a squash for the two of them so climbed back up to her precarious perch on top of the beam again.  At least she knows where she can go if the weather gets a bit nasty!

mum checking out nest box

mm — bit small for us both