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Save our Curlew

7 July, 2013 by wp possum | 0 comments

Bird on the Brink

bush stone curlew

Source: blogs.crikey.com.au

The Save our Bush Stone-Curlews campaign was officially launched aiming to stir entire communities to mindful practical action to save and build up habitats where the bush stone curlew, a locally endangered bird species, can once again walk and breed freely, safe from predators. USC Landcare has been working with government and other community groups to establish four predator and herbivore -proof sites in the Shelbourne Nature Conservation Reserve and on private land west of Bendigo. A Communities For Nature grant, administered by the Department of Sustainability and Environment, will fund the restoration of 120 hectares of the Shelbourne Reserve. We are currently working to get funding for a fifth site and the construction of a pen to keep a pair of curlews for community educational purposes. The goal is to increase curlew numbers by providing protected sites and eventually a local breeding and release program.
Listen to the curlew’s distinctive call here :Bush Stone Curlew Call