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A Stranger in our midst


Landcare members, Jenny and Frank have been keeping an eye on the birdlife at their place. They sent in this report:

At our place it’s not unusual to see Eastern Rosellas and they are often seen swooping across our block or nesting in one of our boxes.  However it’s rare for us to see a Crimson Rosella because it seems that we are just a bit too far North for them – they seem to like the granite belts to the South of us. So we were delighted to see not one, but two Crimson Rosellas recently as they picked over our garden:

visiting crimson rosella

visiting crimson rosella

They then wandered across the path:

crossing the path

crossing the path

and finally perched on the handle of the old wheel barrow to pose for a photo:

Aren't I beautiful!

Aren’t I beautiful!

 Their lovely bright colour and relaxed behaviour was lovely to watch and reminded us that even in Autumn there is always something of beauty in the garden!  


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