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Statuesque Curlews!


USC Landcare members, Jenny and Frank have some quirky news:

Curlews get together to plan their next “outing” 

Curlew garden sculptures!

Curlew garden sculptures

This is a sneak photo of the newly arrived “Garden Bush Stone-curlews” holding their inaugural Field Day meeting to discuss which properties they would enhance with their sculptured beauty.  Not long after this “meeting” several of these Curlews made their way to the gardens of Landcare members and their friends.  Quite a few of them were lucky enough to head off to their new residence with a mate for company although there hasn’t been any talk of possible offspring at this stage.  Because of their popularity, there are now barely enough Curlews left for a” quorum”, but apparently there has been a membership drive amongst these steely birds and the rumour is that there will soon be a whole lot more ready to go out into the Landcare gardens of Bendigo and Beyond!  

PS: You can contact the “Sculptured Curlew Committee” via Jenny Steele at:  effandjay@bigpond.com   who is overseeing the “relocation” of these beauties, and she will also discuss the “Relocation Fee” (or donation) that is involved.  

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