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Annual Network Dinner and speaker, Associate Professor Rodney van der Ree


The Annual Network Dinner will be held at the Maldon Hotel at 6.15pm for drinks and socialising, with Dinner at 6.30pm on Wednesday 16th November

The pre-ordered roast dinner will be $17.00 ea and special order for any vegetarians can be organised in advance . Send your  RSVPs to Judy on 0428 506 525 by Sunday 13th November.

We are fortunate to have an exceptional speaker, Dr Rodney van der Ree who promised to be riveting and entertaining!

Rodney is currently working at the Ravenswood Interchange site, designing wildlife underpasses and overpasses, so will be working locally for some time. So this will be a good chance to catch up with him and maybe have some input into his design ideas.

Our sculptured Curlews will be in attendance with one lucky person winning the lucky number competition able to leave with it if they promise to give it a good home?

Others may gain one in return for a $50 donation to the breeding and release program.

Our Speaker:

Rodney van der Ree – brief biography. (Nov 2016)

Associate Professor Rodney van der Ree is the Director of Ecology and Infrastructure International – a research and consultancy company focussing on the interactions between ecology and built infrastructure, such as roads, railways and cities. He is also an associate of the School of BioSciences at The University of Melbourne. He was awarded his Doctorate from Deakin University in 2000 for his research on the impacts of the loss and fragmentation of habitat on wildlife. He is currently leading a number of research projects on the impacts of roads and traffic and urbanisation on wildlife.

Rodney is recognised internationally as an expert on the ecology of linear infrastructure and has presented the results of his research in plenary lectures and invited seminars across Australia and in Europe, USA, South Africa, and India. He consults widely with industry, government and NGOs, including with all levels of Government in Australia, the European Union and elsewhere. Rodney co-founded the Australasian Network for Ecology and Transportation (www.ecoltrans.net) and has just finished editing the award-winning 62-chapter “Handbook of Road Ecology”, with over 100 authors from 25 countries. In 2014 he was awarded the Graeme Caughley Travelling Fellowship to promote sustainable linear infrastructure practises in developing countries. Rodney has authored or co-authored over 60 refereed publications, 60 reports or popular articles, 100 conference presentations or public lectures and >30 media appearances.




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