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Spiders visit the Curlews


Landcare members, Frank and Jenny have a number of breeding curlews at their property. They have sent in some great pics of a  golden orb weaver they found visiting just outside the curlew enclosure.

Here is their report:

Our curlews have had some spectacular company just outside their enclosure over the past few days.  This spider was observed setting up an elaborate construction between the water tank and the enclosure wire, and has already gathered a good supply of food awaiting consumption.

Golden Orb Weaver visiting

She has been there for quite some time already, and looking at her food supply, we think that there might also be a good insect supply for our birds at the moment.  The fine structure of the web is fascinating and we think that it is a “golden web orb spider”.


I’m not completely sure about the identity this particular spider, so if anyone has a good spider book and can help with a more positive identification, then we’d be happy to hear about it.



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