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Frank and Jenny sent in this sighting of Iron Ant Man:

While we were out sitting on our front veranda recently, we were intrigued with the continual procession of insect life past us as we enjoyed a coffee.  It reminded us of the series that ran on ABC some while ago called “Miniscule” and this particular episode made some of the heroics in the Miniscule series pale into insignificance!


There are several ant nests on our property, so we weren’t surprised to see an ant wander past us, but what caught our eye was the article it was carrying. 


 Whatever it was, it looked interesting.


We realised that for the ant’s size, this was like one of us picking up something relatively as large as a full door – say 2.5 metres by 1.5 metres –  and carrying by one corner by our teeth!!



The sheer power of the insect registered when we looked on as it lifted the moth’s wing up high for the big step across the mortar line of the bricks.



What a job! 

These photos were taken on a relatively simple “pocket” camera, so they are not of full “macro” quality, but hopefully they are still clear enough for you to gain some insight into the amazing strength of an ant.

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