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Curlew sighting is very exciting indeed!!


Worth the wait!

Frank and Jenny Steele have been regularly monitoring the protected curlew sites established by USC Landcare and Mid-Loddon CMN.  Their most recent report had some wonderful news:

‘About a year ago some surveillance cameras were installed in three separate enclosed sites on the outskirts of Bendigo to monitor both the absence of predators for the Bush-Stone Curlews and, even more importantly, to see if there were any Bush-Stone Curlews still inhabiting the wooded areas where they once used to roam.

Some hundreds of photos later, we’ve been able to say that we haven’t seen any sign of predators like foxes in the enclosures, but until recently there has been no sign of the Curlews either!  That all changed a couple of days ago when all the cameras were checked and from one camera, there was our first Curlew, standing perfectly still, posing for the camera, as the photo shows!  This is in one of our enclosed sites where some curlew calls had been heard recently, so we hope that the Curlews are starting to feel the security of the site.

Spot the Curlew!
Taken by monitoring camera on 28 Nov 2013


Our monitors have been going out regularly to all the sites to check cameras and also some nestboxes that have been installed there previously, so their continued inspection has paid off with this first sighting.  This photo shows that just outside a Curlew site makes an ideal site for a picnic lunch – one of the “perks” of the job!’

Monitors enjoying the perks of the job!

Monitors enjoying the perks of the job!

Thanks Frank & Jenny!



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