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Window dreaming


It is ‘Early Summer’ and the spring flowers have mostly finished, weeds are dying off, native grasses are flowering and the landscape is taking on the brown tinge of summer.

Around the house, I have seen reptiles, moths and late nestings.

This big stumpy tail has been a regular visitor every summer. According to James, our regular reptile monitor, stumpy-tailed lizards mate for life and will eat just about anything –flowers, fruit fungi, insects, small birds’ eggs — whatever they can scrounge really. And how well is he camouflaged !

Stumpy-tailed lizard well cmouflaged

Stumpy-tailed lizard well camouflaged


ThereĀ areĀ lots of moths about at this time of year.

Saw this beautiful creature on the window.

window moth

window moth


And a pair of superb fairy wrens have decided that a couple of sticks of fringe myrtle I have been using for kindling provide a pretty good nest site. Just means I can’t go out this door too often for fear of disturbing Mrs Wren!!

Looks like a good spot!!

Looks like a good spot!!


On guard

On guard just outside the window


We are looking forward to eggs hatching!







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