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Celebrating 20 years of Landcare


Last night about 40 past and present  Landcare members and supporters gathered together to celebrate 20 years of Landcare in Upper Spring Creek.

We were treated to a puppet show from the McGlashan Road Puppeteers highlighting the need to protect biodiversity. An entertaining reminder of why we are here!!

Caring for biodiversity puppet show

Caring for biodiversity puppet show

The President welcomed everyone to this special occasion, marking the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Landcare group in Upper Spring Creek. The very first General Meeting was held on 4 December 1994.

We were privileged to hear more of the history from the inaugural President who spoke of some of the battles which galvanised the local community and resulted in the establishment of a Landcare group.  Residents and landowners battled the (then) Marong Council to prevent developments such as a motocross circuit in the forest at an old quarry site, a commercial piggery and a dog kennels (aka puppy farm). In the middle of the drought years, the group  was also concerned about salinity and water quality, setting up a WaterWatch monitoring program which is still going today.

The current President said that over the years, the group has undertaken many and varied activities to address local environmental issues including the ‘save the bush-stone curlew project’; Shelbourne Forest thinning and restoration; nest-box installation and monitoring; a network of linked wildlife corridors; weed and animal pest control and learning programs and workshops.

It was inspirational to hear about how Landcare has been actively making a difference in Upper Spring Creek for 20 years.

As the President reminded us, our challenge is to continue to attract and involve people to build on this success for another 20 years (at least).

He then went on to thank all the people who have helped to make this happen including the original founding members; the staff and students of Lockwood South Primary School (which has been our home base for many years now); our many active and hardworking volunteers and in particular, our local Landcare facilitator who works so tirelessly connecting people, managing projects and finding  funding for projects even in this tight budget environment!!

We finished off the evening with some banjo music from our local musician and soil scientist!


Relaxing and celebrating 20 years

Relaxing and celebrating 20 years






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