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Wonders, weeds and wallabies


While we have been glad to have a cooler summer with fewer fires, our land is in desperate need of a drink — dry and brown all around us.

Still plenty of life around. Everlasting daises abound at our place lifting the spirit with their joyful sunny faces. Came across a few in the midst of throwing their seed — never managed to catch this before. Make a wish!

Everlasting daisy about to explode

Everlasting daisy about to explode

Our black faced wallabies have had a hard time of it this year. We have been helping out with vege peelings.

Well where is dinner??

Well where is dinner??

Weeds are a problem even when there is so little rain.  Found a rather exotic one which Wendy Murphy from Dept of Environment, Land, Climate Change and Water identified during her recent visit. Colloquially known as Skeleton Weed, it is widespread in wheat belt areas with more than 350 mm annual rainfall. In Victoria, the weed invades Mallee shrubland, lowland grassland and grassy woodland. So, unusual to see it here but………

Chondrilla juncea

Chondrilla juncea (Skeleton Weed)

Because it has rhizomes and seeds prolifically, it will mean regular monitoring and pulling to stay on top of the infestation. Skeleton weed is a restricted plant in our region. Competition for nitrogen and other nutrients has significant impacts on agricultural yield and harvest costs. So yank it out if you see it at your place!!

On the subject of weeds, Wheel Cactus (or Opuntia robusta) is a significant problem especially around Maldon and Nuggetty. It has been appearing in our area too — we found one on our property recently. There will be a Cactus Control event at the Gills’ Maryborough Road property at 10am on Sunday 19 April.


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