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One of the five protected sites

One of the five protected sites

The main drivers of this project are the Upper Spring Creek Landcare Group and Conservation Management Network and the West Marong Landcare group.
The Bush-Stone Curlew is now critically endanged in central Victoria. A quirky, charismatic bird, it has the potential to play an effective and important role in raising community awaremness of conservation and biodiversity issues.
The project aims to protect the current breeding pairs of Bush-Stone Curlews by creating five 4-8ha, predator proof nesting sites in woodland areas known to be frequented by the remaining monitored birds in the landcare region (now only around 6-9 birds). A promotional Curlew display pen is being built by volunteer members where birds will be sourced from a wildlife sanctuary. A soft release pen will be built in one of the larger protected areas aimed at increasing local numbers.
Read more about the project here:
Bush Stone-curlew project summary

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