Upper Spring Creek Landcare Group and Mid Loddon CMN

Community caring for our environment

About USC Landcare

Who We Are

Upper Spring Creek Landcare and our partners, the Mid Loddon Conservation Network, are part of the Victorian Landcare Program which facilitates and co-ordinates community action to care for our land. Our area of special focus encompasses a region west of Bendigo and takes in the communities of Lockwood South, Lockwood and Shelbourne.

We live in an area which includes Box-Ironbark forest. These forests have declined due to clearing and population growth. They provide habitat to some endangered and vulnerable species such as the brush-tail phascogale (tuan) and the bush-stone curlew.

Our Vision

We believe that all Australians can take responsibility for the way they live in the landscape to ensure a healthy environment that supports a sustainable future.

USC Landcare and Mid Loddon CMN will do this by bringing people together to LEARN ABOUT, PROTECT, and IMPROVE our local environment.

Our Goals are to:

  • Bring together local people through communicating effectively, sharing our stories with others and holding inclusive events
  • Learn more about how to protect and improve our environment by inviting interesting speakers to share their expertise with us, holding workshop to learn new skills and sharing the expertise and knowledge of our members.
  • Protect and improve our local environment by taking action and participating in projects.